Wedding DJ in Midlands and Durban


Q •  Do you take song requests during the evening?
A •  Most certainly, in fact I welcome it,  but will use some discretion though
Q •  Can we send you a list of songs we love?
A •  Off course yes, but please try and keep it to 50 songs max, otherwise I'll have no idea which songs are really important to you.   If you really like long lists, please highlight your top 20 :)
Q •  Do you have back up equipment?
A •  The short answer is "Yes", the long answer is I invested in Active Speakers manufactured by leading brands (JBL, RCF and Samson).  Since it's an active system (Each speaker has a built in amplifier) and not run from a central amplifier,   you won't even notice if one of the speakers malfunctioned as the rest of the speakers run independently.    I also prepare for the unexpected, so there's always a spare mixer and laptop in the van as well.
Q • Will the DJ I book play at my wedding?
A • Yes, the DJ you book will play at your wedding. However, we know there's no guarantees in life (Just look at 2020!!!!!), therefore we have a professional wedding DJ on stand by permanently in case of unforseen events. We haven't had to call Brendon away from Saturday afternoon rugby yet, and we hope to keep it that way.
Q • What do we need to provide you with?
A • The venue needs to provide a standard trestle table, table cloth and plug point please.
Q • Is dance floor lighting included in your quote?
A • Yes, dance floor lighting is included in all my quotes.
Q • How long before our wedding should we book you?
A • At any given time, I have bookings up to 18 months in advance.   If you book 12 months in advance the chances are good that one of my DJs will be available for your wedding.
Q • Our wedding ceremony starts at 3pm, how late will you arrive?
A • I aim to arrive at the venue at about 12 o'clock to set up for the ceremony , pre-drinks and reception and have music playing by about 2pm long before your first guests arrive.  For winter ceremonies starting at 2pm, I arrive at about 11am.
Q • How much music do you have?
A •  I always say , it's not about how much music you have, it's about knowing what to play where, when and for whom.    My music library is extensive though, and chances are that I'll have any song requests your guests can throw at us.   I also have access to iTunes (Dependent on cellphone data coverage off course) 
Q • Do you charge to set-up and break down?
A • No, I don't charge for set-up and break down time.
Q • Can you meet us at our venue before the wedding?
A •  I am based in Durban and normally meet couples at coffee shops in Westville.  If you would prefer me to meet you at your venue, an additional travel fee will apply.  Meetings aren't always possible though, especially for my bridal couples based overseas, so a lot of my meetings are conducted over Skype, telephone or  just an email these days
Q • How do we book you as our DJ?
A •  Just reply to my quote once you are ready to book and pay a deposit.
Q • Is the  R3500 deposit refundable if we cancel or a pandemic strikes again.?
A • I have reduced my deposit amount required to cater for this eventuality.  The R3500 deposit is considered a booking fee and will not be refundable in the event of a  cancelation.    In the event of your wedding having to be postponed due to a pandemic like COVID 19, I will transfer your deposit to a later date that I'm available on.  The deposit of R3500 will be forfeitted if I'm not available on your new chosen date, or for any other cancelation or postponement reasons
Q • Our ceremony is in a forest and there's no electricity?
A • No problem at at, I have invested in battery powered PA system for forest ceremonies and can run my PA system for up to 3 hours without Eskom..
Q • Will you really not play the Macarena?
A • No. There's so much good music out there, so really no need to play stale songs :)
Wedding DJ in Midlands and Durban
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